August 9, 2012


The Eric Andre Show

Are people watching this??? I feel like I haven’t heard about this show at all and stumbled upon it recently. It’s spectacular. Jesus - Full episodes are on adult swim’s site. Jesus it’s funny.

like this show a lot!

July 3, 2012

SPEECHLESS Trailer from PaulBriganti on Vimeo.


Hi everyone.

Last April, thanks to many people (and a small number of creatively supportive friends and one super supportive girlfriend), I went to Saratoga Springs to direct a short comedy I wrote called “Speechless”.

It’s about a guy who is tasked with giving the speech at his childhood friends’ wedding, but he realizes he doesn’t have much in common with them anymore, thus nothing really to say.

It’s funny, it’s sad, and it’s pretty. Please take a look at the trailer and see if there’s anything in there you like.

If you DO, I very much ask that you reblog it, or “real life reblog” it, which is basically telling people about it and showing them the trailer. That’s a thing.

Screening to happen soon!

Starring Michael Antonucci, George Basil, Hannah Pearl Utt, and Ryan Hunter

Produced by Sam Marine

Shot by Noah Yuan-Vogel

(via marlenarodriguez)

March 5, 2012


Hello everyone!

This April I’m shooting a short film called “Speechless”. 

I haven’t shot an actual short in 3 years, and I’m very very very excited.

It’s being shot by the very talented Noah Yuan-Vogel, and produced by the brilliant Sam Marine. Caitlin Raftery, girl genius, is coordinating it.

I am raising a portion of the budget on Kickstarter, and if you have some time please watch the video and donate if you feel compelled to do so!

Or, at the very least, please reblog this so others can see it! 

Thank you! Thank you! Thanks!

February 26, 2012

Just Found This on My Old Laptop Titled “Dating Advice.doc”

     Want to know how to get girls?  Well than you should listen to me. I’ve been intimate with over 4 (four) girls.
       Okay.  Here’s the secret.  Girls love cotton candy.  At least most of them do.
Wanna know how I know this?  I used to work at a minor league baseball stadium.  So just walk up to that girl you’ve been watching and say, “Hey, let’s go to a baseball stadium and get some cotton candy.”
       Here’s the beauty of it.  It doesn’t even need to be a baseball stadium.  You could take her to a carnival and get her some cotton candy.  You could take her to a preteen’s birthday party and get her some cotton candy.  You could even buy your own cotton candy machine. That’s what I did!  I keep it in my bedroom.  It wasn’t even that expensive.
       Okay, you want one more tip?  How about this - did you know that if you spit on a bushel of cotton candy, the affected areas literally dissolve into sugar?  Try it out. It’s fun to watch and it’s fun to do.  Most people don’t know about it.

February 8, 2012

Poster courtesy Harry Strom.
Doing stand-up in this show at BU Central this Wednesday! Come on out, it’s an exciting line-up.



Poster courtesy Harry Strom.

Doing stand-up in this show at BU Central this Wednesday! Come on out, it’s an exciting line-up.


January 4, 2012


Jason Anderson - Queen

Live at Pete’s Candy Store - Brooklyn, NY

I love Jason Anderson’s music. This was his last concert before he moved away for grad school. His shows have an awesome sing-along environment that feels totally natural and exciting in the moment. (Don’t know if that comes across in the video.)

I’ll be posting more from this show in the future - As I relearn Final Cut (couldn’t you tell I’m terrible at it?????) they may get easier on the eyes.

My talented friend Andrew taping my talented friend Jason and my talented friend Me singing along

January 1, 2012

1. M83 - Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

2. Josh T Pearson - Last of the Country Gentlemen

3. City Center - Redeemer

4. Destroyer - Kaputt